LM Mortari has a Technical Department composed of a competent and cutting edge of technology staff, who is always ready to satisfy every customer need.

progettazione CAD/CAMThe company manages a proven and detailed data collecting system on times and costs of order, both simple or complex, thanks to two working stations CAD/CAM with software Missler – GoElan & Open Mind – Hypermill. Such system gives the opportunity of maintaining steadily and analytically under control every process.

Thanks to this system and the huge variety of products and services offered, LM Mortari is able to advice and suggest the best technological and processing solutions to apply for the managing of the requests and/or problems of the customer.

progettazione CAD/CAMThe company acts, in close collaboration with the customer, in the following application fields:

  • complete managing of whole machining groups;
  • perfect planning of the order;
  • managing of the production of mechanical details and sub-deliveries;
  • thermical and/or aesthetical treatments;
  • purchase of commercial components;
  • assembly and final check.

The process allows therefore a delivery of a controlled and guaranteed product, ready to be used.