LM products are the result of:

  • production check plans, defined from the early phase of estimation;
  • professionalism of the workers assigned to the different machinings;
  • high technological level of the machines and their steady maintenance, both programmed and extraordinary;
  • execution and recording of the checks done during the different phases of production only through calibrated measuring instruments.


Measuring equipment

LM Mortari uses the following measuring instruments:

  • Digital calipers Mitutoyo & Tesa (external/internal from 150 mm. to 2000 mm. – depth from 0 mm. to 300 mm.);
  • Digital outdoor micrometers Tesa (from 0 mm. to 300 mm.);
  • 3-bits indoor micrometers  Tesa & Mitutoyo (traditional ones from 10 mm. to 30 mm. – digital ones from 30 mm. to 250 mm.);
  • Digital and traditional bore meters Mitutoyo (measuring ranges from 18 mm. to 500 mm.);
  • Inotest Tesa for indoor and outdoor measures (centesimal measures – measuring ranges from 200 mm. to 2000 mm.).
  • Calibration bench for instruments TAR-AL (from 0 mm. to 1500 mm.) with the option of  measuring certification;
  • Gun for survey of NITON materials types with the option of certification;
  • Presetting for ELBO tools.